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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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Brand Ambassador

AlterNomad crew, AlterNative travel photo agency international network of brand ambassadors, represented by a group of young boys and girls having fun at the beach, jumping and travelling the world


If you are passionate about AlterNative philosophy and activities, you are a travel and/or photography blogger and/or influencer and you love to share your knowledge and experience you should

Link to your social  required


The AlterNomad crew is the AlterNative photo ambassadors team.


AlterNomad is a blog that gives voice to our contributors, our photographers, their stories, the stories of remote and traditional tribes, the stories of our planet biodiversity.


AlterNomad will be a periodic online editorial based our best contents, with amazing photos and interesting facts and notions.

Our AlterNomad crew is made of

Passionate travellers, photographers, bloggers, influencers and social media enthusiasts with love for AlterNative phisolophy and activities.


Our people are based worldwide, they have different lifestyle, hobbies and jobs but they all have in common our believes and our subjects.


To enroll in our AlterNomad program you need to have your own devices and internet connection, have a solid base of followers and being active in your social media channels, being enthusiastic about AlterNative services and being creative and partecipative!.


Enrolling to our AlterNomad program you’ll be part of an exclusive team of ambassadors with access to its private group where you’ll be able to communicate with us and other partecipants, as well as find contents and resources.


Our best contributors will have the chance to win special prizes, holidays and photo tours as well as being invited to our exclusive events and exhibitions.

Visit our Share the love and  AlterNomad to see all the details and advantages of a partnership with AlterNative!

Missions, points and cash

Complete our missions allows you to earn points. Advancing with yoru points rate will open, literally, the door to the world! Win free photo daily tours, holidays and gadgets.


If you are a professional you can enroll in our Mind in travel program. We require in this case you to be able to deliver electronic invoices (as required by italian law). More sold means more benefits, higher commissions and special dedicated prizes!


To check our missions, points, prizes and all the information you need, please, visit the AlterNomad Life section within the AlterNomad blog.

You are AlterNative!

You are part of the AlterNomad crew and therefore you represent AlterNative, you are the image, the person that embodies it, In turn you have to truly believe in AlterNatives principles and values pertaining towards responsible and sustainable tourism, from both moralistic and ethical aspects.

High principles and believe

We as AlterNative hold high principles and we believe in the fundamental aspects of responsible and sustainable tourism, the management, the employees and the AlterNomad Crew embody these values and hold them to the highest of standards so that we can exchange these values between people, communities and the places.


To preserve, to learn and to grow. AlterNative wants our clients to come away not only with an experience of a lifetime but with new found knowledge, inspired by such, as our tours are educational, to the environment and the social and cultural traditions.


We aim to make all parties involved a positive influence and this is what makes AlterNative.


It starts with us.

AlterNative see creativity, sense of humour and differences as added values.

So don't be shy of being yourself!

Please read carefully our contributors terms and conditions page

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