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How to make a photography portfolio

Some people are choosing photos to make a professional photography portfolio

How to make a photography portfolio


Create your photography portfolio it’s a chance to show off the best of you.

A collection of your works should be designed in a harmonic way to better represent your characteristics, skills and visions.

Straight to the point: it’s the image of the photographer himself.

Your photo portfolio is the assembly of your “best” shoots, in the way that you want it to be, explicating your capacities.


…so, keep reading for some of ours tips!


Having a good portfolio is a synonymous of being a great worker: who can design his work can also represent others’. Being a photographer right now is not only having the capability to take amazing photos, it’s also being able to show them in the best possible way. It’s defining the dot at the end of the sentence.

Without a professionally designed and presented photography portfolio you will look incomplete.

If you are someone who dedicates time and attention to his image in this field, you indeed need one.



Whenever you approach this kind of work, be careful on what you

are looking for. Always find the target that fits you best, concentrate on it by dedicating particular attention on its needs. Show what your audience would appreciate from your specific point of view, in that particular situation.
For example, if you want to propose yourself as wedding destination photographer, try to focus on those pictures that better show weddings locations, couples, destinations and sharing your unique and romantic point of view.
If you want to get assignments within the business, your portfolio will be based on commercial photographs or business events, business portraits, business locations and so on.

Remember not only to focus on your own favorite shoots, you should tell people what you can do, not only what you like.
This is so important, even if you have read it tones of time, your “best work” is not necessarily the best for you.

Here, “best”, means something that can tell others about all of your skills.


– REMEMBER: Choose pictures that works well together! –


Opening a portfolio seeing the same images after and after is the nightmare of every photo agent, in the creative part of the business’s world, one of your goals should be finding a way to attract someone’s attention, and using more than 3 photos from the same shooting is what someone can call boring.


Do you want to see your clients like this? We don’t think so.


Maybe that shooting was amazing, nobody is saying the opposite, but your portfolio is a little space that should be considered as your shop window.
Show your products carefully, giving the right space to each one.


You can divide your work in categories, and then, put it together in a coesive way, with a flow that follows all the pictures.

As mentioned before, with your portfolio you are showing your skills: composing and telling a story with  different kind of works is an incredible and powerful one.

Look at your photos in a different way:  focus on the overall representation, learn watching your shoots all together, all at once.

Find which works better with the other.

We know this kind of moment are the worst: you feel like there’s to much to winnow, but remember the intentions that where pushing you before.


This steps are really important putting together your portfolio, if you find any difficulties, don’t esitate to take a look here, our professionals will help with any issue.


Once that you’ve decided what to show off, it’s time to find out how to do it!





All your decisions should be based on the portfolio’s category you are thinking about during the process.

You can design a photography portfolio pdf and use it as a photography portfolio online, or you can print it, turning it into a photography portfolio book.
Think about where people will discover your photo portfolio and then Find the the better option as support.


If you wish to work worldwide, with a big corporate or startups, more into technologies, probably the best solution for you is an online portfolio: easy to redefine, and to be found from anywhere.


If you are someone who’s more into tradition, who can easily work without the web -maybe ’cause you have your studio shop down in the street- or you want to show your capacity not only with your photos, a printed portfolio can be the right choice. But always remember to give some fresh air to what you do!


Never leave your portfolio in the past!




This kind of portfolio needs more attention considering the printing part: the materials that you will use are as important as the photo itself. The dimensions of your photos should be thought imaging the comparison of the final portfolio’s dimensions.

The more you analyse your opportunity the more you will reach good results.
Depending on your skills and on your needs, find the best way to make people interacting with your works.


Take the positive differences that you can get from a printed portfolio.

Having an online one will give you easier visibility, but having the possibility to give something in someone’s hands is incomparable.
Use this opportunity to make your meeting unforgettable!

This specified kind of portfolio is made for those who wants to show more than just photography to their future clients.

Of course this is not the easiest way to show your experience, but it’s something that, if it’s done well, it will make you unforgettable differentiating you from the others.


Be careful if you decide to print your portfolio, remember that, with a printed one, will be harder to update it with your new works.




For who doesn’t know well the website’s world it’s possible to delight with platforms like: SquarespaceSmugmugZenfolioPhotoShelter and Format, to design an online photography portfolio, there’s no need of any kind of programming skills, they can give you a discrete graphic’s customization, but in a really easy way.


To whom has a better relation with websites and is searching a little more customization, good choices are platforms as: WordPress or  Jumlaa.
Choose the theme keeping in mind the impact that you want to make on  your visitors to attract more of them.
This will affect positively on your Google rank.


The last option, which is probably the best, is to build an entire website based on your characteristics, but this is reasonable if you have a quite good knowledge of the programming world, or in case you can afford someone to do it.

The more you customize the more you look unique, but never confuse customization with exaggeration.

An important point of this part of the process is that most of the websites we listed ask for a fee, which could make you hesitate before proceeding.

Of course there are expensive options, but spending a little amount of money is pretty much necessary if you wish to appear professional. Buying a domain is probably the first step you should consider while thinking about your  professional made presentation and website investments.

But also, an interesting opportunity that an online portfolio can give you is the chance to integrate an e-commerce to sell, for example, your printed pictures or packages.


More questions? Some answers!



Apart from your photos!


1 – The cover/Home page:

This is the place where you’ll give your first impression: think about how you want to look like to the eyes of a potential customer, a photography agent, an agency…


2 – Your bio and/or about section:

Try to be creative in what you write. Put some pictures of yourself. People want to feel connected. Create the image that you want to give about yourself.


Some ways to write a presentation could be a simple biography or describing  your timeline with studies, works, assignments, exhibitions, contests won, etc., or even a creative presentation of yourself.


3 – Contacts/Contact section:

This should include all the relevant information to get in touch with you.

  • Where are you located: do you have a studio? In this case consider to create an integrated google map to easily show your potential customers how easily they can reach you.
  • Your e-mail address and/or a contact form which makes easier and faster to receive inquiries
  • Your phone number. This has to be carefully considered. Why yes? Why not? in case you don’t want be reached on your phone, you can decide to give this information later, for example including it in your e-mail signature.

While building your photo portfolio online think about creating different sections to make the user navigation easier. Put together the WOW factor of your photos with usability.





Take your time to do all the things listed!

We promise,

it will be worth it!

Because this happy red-head guy, could be you!



There’s always something more to learn about photography and what’s around it.

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Now that you’ve put together your work, making all of these efforts and spent time and money it’s time to make people see it. There are many actions you can take at this stage but indeed you have to take an action! Don’t put your portfolio out there and wait!

(Send the link to your contacts, use social network to share it, create a database of contacts, reach out agents or agencies, consider ads, print some business cards, if you haven’t done it yet, etc.)

If you want to know more about how to showcase your work,

wait our next post! Subscribe




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