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    The excitement of photographing whales and dolphins in their natural environment.

    At the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the Ligurian coast, lays the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary, the perfect place to experience the magic of seeing these beautiful creatures in their own natural habitat, respectful of their freedom and in view of a sustainable man-animal relationship.
    Whale Watching Genova-or as we say – Whalewatch Genova – stems from an idea that has given tourists, families, and avid photographers the chance to experience the magic of seeing all different species of cetaceans: dolphins, whales, striped dolphins, beaked whales and Risso’s dolphin.
    A trip to the Cetacean Sanctuary is the perfect answer for everyone: families with children nature photographers, tourists from all over the world, as well as locals who want to see the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea.

    A marine biologist is always on board ready to enlighten guests with stories, information and details, making the trip not only fun but a learning experience as well.

    Ran by the AlterNative photographer&founder Chiara Battistini.

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